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Storytelling with data

Communicate your data effectively with storytelling and visualisation

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Course overview

L&D professionals collect a vast array of data from which to compile reports but how can you bring this data to life to communicate it effectively to your stakeholders? In this workshop you will learn how to tell a story with data in a way that gets noticed, enables insights and facilitates decision making. Using a range of strategic and practical tools you will learn about the fundamentals of data visualisation and storytelling. Specifically, you’ll focus on how to choose the right chart for your data and message enabling you to relate and connect with your audience through the narration of your data story. Your course includes: - 1 day masterclass in London OR 2 x 3 hour live online masterclass sessions (you choose) with our expert tutors - Online self paced study through our Learning Lab: 6 units, 3 hours a week complete in 6 weeks - 24/7 access to our Learning Lab for 12 months

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