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People management

Develop your people management skills to manage multicultural teams

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Course overview

Teams more than ever are based in different parts of the world and are having to perform with less resources. Managing multicultural teams can be challenging and people managers play an integral part of managing people effectively in a global context. In this programme you will learn about people practice from an international perspective including how you can resource talent on an international basis, the impact of cultural and institutional differences on engagement, performance, diversity and difference. You will also assess employer responsibilities such as well-being and duty of care, contractual terms and conditions and the influence of customs and cultures in relation to decision making and communication. Your course includes: - 1 day masterclass in London OR 2 x 3 hour live online masterclass sessions (you choose) with our expert tutors - Online self paced study through our Learning Lab: 6 units, 3 hours a week complete in 6 weeks - 24/7 access to our Learning Lab for 12 months

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