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Managing performance in a hybrid world

Learn how to set goals, manage and review staff when remote working

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Course overview

Performance and reward strategy is integral to business success but to what extent do your current systems support the hybrid world of work? - How should goals be set, managed and reviewed when staff are working remotely? - How can managers provide effective coaching and feedback to their employees when they are working asynchronously? - How can managers ensure that their assessments are fair when they’re not located in the same location as their staff? - How do we ensure that performance management systems do not negatively and disproportionately impact on diverse populations? This programme explores the alignment of organisational strategy with performance and reward using a range of practice-based examples. In this programme you will learn how to develop a culture that promotes fairness through the effective communication of strategic goals at organisational, team and individual level. You will discover how to give objective feedback based on feedback and data, support diversity and manage difficult conversations. Your course includes: - 1 day masterclass in London OR 2 x 3 hour live online masterclass sessions (you choose) with our expert tutors - Online self paced study through our Learning Lab: 6 units, 3 hours a week complete in 6 weeks - 24/7 access to our Learning Lab for 12 months

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