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Identifying learning & development needs

Learn how to undertake a learning needs analysis

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Course overview

Organisations are operating in dynamic environments that are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. In order to be able to operate effectively they require multi-skilled, agile and increasingly digitally skilled staff to support continuous adaptation. In order to respond to these challenges, it is important that individuals, teams and organisations identify their learning needs through an assessment of their Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes in order to identify gaps and prepare them for the future. In this programme you will learn how to conduct a learning needs analysis at individual, team and organisational level in response to key external factors and external benchmarking. Using case examples and sample data you will explore a range of methods for collecting information relating to individual, group and organisational learning needs and assess the benefits and limitations of each. Your course includes: - 1 day masterclass in London OR 2 x 3 hour live online masterclass sessions (you choose) with our expert tutors - Online self paced study through our Learning Lab: 6 units, 3 hours a week complete in 6 weeks - 24/7 access to our Learning Lab for 12 months

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