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Digital transformation in HR

Learn how to facilitate digital transformation in your organisation


The business world is changing fast and organisations are adapting and transforming to create new industries.  We have become used to the digital experience as a consumer significantly changing the way in which we engage with organisations through user friendly and convenient digital platforms. Translate this to the world of HR and we can see that digitalisation has and will change everything we know about the world of work. Employees are seeking an experience and they want to be engaged in their work and in the organisation.  

This programme explores how to build a digital organisation culture that embraces digital transformation through business agility, integrated HR platforms, analytics and artificial intelligence.  From video social recruiting and interactive self-service HR systems and technology that enables more effective strategic planning in HR, you’ll learn how to effectively plan for the future of work.

Your course includes:

- 1 day masterclass in London OR 2 x 3 hour live online masterclass sessions (you choose) with our expert tutors

- Online self paced study through our Learning Lab: 6 units, 3 hours a week complete in 6 weeks

- 24/7 access to our Learning Lab for 12 months

How to enrol

Please complete our CPD short course enrolment form to book your place


If you have further queries relating to the above course, please contact us at or call us on (0)207 175 2331

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